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$97: EPA Lead Paint Training DVD, (Originaly $197)

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Your Company Needs This DVD If… You do ANY work on homes built before 1978.. Even if you do not have employees, you must know and follow the 11-required steps from the EPA.

Following the EPA rule is not optional. Fines may be $37,500/day.

“The training DVD is a great tool. When I need some refresher training I just watch the video.”
Mark Miles | President
Miles & Thomas Construction Inc.

This is the Perfect Solution for Making Sure you Follow the EPA Guidelines.

March 2, 2017 – The RRP Training Video DVD is the perfect solution for teaching your certified and non-certified employees the 11 steps they must follow when doing any work on homes built before 1978. Staying in compliance and knowing the requirements is the best way to avoid being fined by the EPA.

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$97: EPA Lead Paint Training DVD, (Originaly $197)

*Did you receive a Coupon? Enter it during checkout.

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“The video is not only a good training tool and reminds us all of the importance of following the rules to keep our workers safe as well as the client and work place.”
Michael D. Park | General Contractor
Park Enterprises, LLC

What’s Covered in the DVD

We’ve designed the video so that in one hour, you can educate your employees, sub-contractors, and others about the new EPA Renovation, Repair & Painting (RRP) rule. Not only are you teaching them about the dangers of lead based paint, but you are also teaching them about containment, documentation, signage, and cleanup.

The RRP law must be followed by contractors that work in homes built prior to 1978 where lead based paint is present. This guide was produced by an EPA accredited trainer who has more than 30 years of construction and safety experience.

We cover each of the 11 EPA required skill-sets

  • Skill Set #1: Using EPA-Recognized Test Kits
  • Skill Set #2: Setting up Barriers, Signs and Flapped Entry Doors
  • Skill Set #3: Cover and Move Furniture
  • Skill Set #4: Establish Interior Containment
  • Skill Set #5: Establish Exterior Containment
  • Skill Set #6: Protective Equipment
  • Skill Set #7: Interior Final Cleaning
  • Skill Set #8: Exterior Final Cleaning
  • Skill Set #9: Bagging Waste
  • Skill Set #10: Visual Inspection
  • Skill Set #11: Cleaning Verification Procedure

“The DVD was informative for my crew.”
Linda Benecke | Owner
The Paintress, Inc.

Format: DVD
Run Time: 60-Minutes
Quality: 1080p HD

$97: EPA Lead Paint Training DVD, (Originaly $197)

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